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Einræðisherra herðir tökin

Athyglisverð úttekt á Hu Jintato, forseta Kína og gestgjafa Ólympíuleikanna birtist í Washington Post. Þar segir að Hu Jintao hafi hert mjög tök flokksins í Kina og skert málfrelsi.

Blaðið telur Hu vera harðlínumann: “There is a growing consensus inside and outside the government, however, that the 62-year-old former engineer believes the party should strengthen its rule by improving its traditional mechanisms of governance, not by introducing democratic reforms.”

Síðar í greininni segir:

“In his first major address to the 300-plus member Central Committee as the nation's undisputed new leader, Hu warned that "hostile forces" were trying to undermine the party by "using the banner of political reform to promote Western bourgeois parliamentary democracy, human rights and freedom of the press."

Hu said China's enemies had not abandoned their "strategic plot to Westernize and split China."
He blamed the fall of the Soviet Union on policies of "openness and pluralism" and on the efforts of "international monopoly capital with the United States as its leader." And in blunt language that party veterans said recalled Mao Zedong's destructive Cultural Revolution, he urged the leadership to be alert to the danger of subversive thinking.

"Don't provide a channel for incorrect ideological points of view," the person who had read some of the speech quoted Hu as saying. "When one appears, strike at it, and gain the initiative by subduing the enemy."

Er líklegt að þetta sé maður sem beri virðingu fyrir þeim sem skríða fyrir honum?

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